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Tennis bracelets

Rather unsuitable for a tennis match, but the best serve for any other occasion.

Diamond bracelets are now widely referred to as tennis bracelets. This is due to a tennis event in 1987 when player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match. The match was then interrupted at her request to search for the bracelet. The rest is history.

Tennis bracelets are perhaps the most stylish piece of jewelry of all. Although the style is predetermined as a diamond bracelet, there are many options when designing a tennis bracelet: Size of diamonds, type of setting, choice of precious metal are just some of them.

Let us inspire you. Take a look at the example pictures below. We also make tennis bracelets individually, according to your wishes. Therefore, they cannot be purchased online. Arrange a consultation with us by phone, online or in our showroom in Regensburg.

What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is an elegant diamond bracelet. The bracelet is often made of yellow gold or white gold. Diamonds are then set all around, giving the tennis bracelet a luxurious, yet classic look.

Tennis bracelets are predominantly worn by women. They are extremely popular as a birthday gift, wedding anniversary gift or birth gift.

How many diamonds does a tennis bracelet have?

Tennis bracelets usually have a length of 16cm to 21cm. Depending on the size of the set diamonds, there are usually between 40 and 100 diamonds on a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet with about 1.0 carat usually has about 70-80 diamonds set in it. With a 5.0 carat tennis bracelet, there are correspondingly only about 50 diamonds – but these are each significantly larger.

Thus, it can be stated: The more carats a tennis bracelet has at the same length, the fewer diamonds were used for the production. There are also tennis bracelets with more than 10.0 carats.

Are there also tennis bracelets for men?

Tennis bracelets are also available for men. One way to give the tennis bracelet a masculine look is to choose sharp diamonds.
Tennis bracelets with black diamonds are also often worn by ladies, however, they are an elegant and expressive jewelry choice especially for men.

In addition to the color of the diamonds, you should also pay special attention to the shape of the settings. Basically, more angular are popular, whereas round settings are considered exclusively feminine.

 In addition to our digital offer, we can always offer you a consultation in our Regensburg showroom.

Where does the name "tennis bracelet" originate from?

Tennis bracelets owe their name to a US tennis player by the bame Chris Evert, who played at the US Open with a diamond bracelet, which she had previously received as a gift. In the middle of the match, however, the clasp came loose and the bracelet could not be found at first. Chris Evert then asked to stop the match and search for the bracelet. Fortunately, it was found and Chris Evert went on to win the tournament.

Although the tennis bracelet is basically not an ideal accessory for a tennis match, the closures of tennis bracelets were redesigned in the following year. With the closures that are common today, a tennis bracelet should be able to withstand the stress of a tennis match with higher probability.

Where can I buy tennis bracelets in Regensburg?

Are you looking for a tennis bracelet in Regensburg? Visit us in Regensburg’s Old Town at Untere Bachgasse 6. It’s best to make a personal appointment right away and let us advise you without any obligation on the subject of tennis bracelets.

You will be surprised how many possibilities tennis bracelets offer to choose from. Since we make each tennis bracelet individually, we can give you the best possible advice and help you find the best bracelet for you.