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Whether as a wedding band or as a stylish piece of jewelry, the memoire ring is always a hit.

The names memoire ring, memory ring or eternity ring stand for the same piece of jewelry. These are wonderful pieces of jewelry that are also a very popular choice as a wedding ring for ladies today. Memoire rings are in fact ideal to combine with an engagement ring.

With us you get individual memoire rings custom-made. You choose whether you want your ring to be half, three-quarters or fully set with diamonds. As with other jewelry, we can offer you memoire rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Below we will show you some pictures of memoire or memory rings for inspiration. Let us advise you and help find your new, individual memoire ring. Contact us for a non-binding consultation and a personal offer.

What is the difference between memoire ring, memory ring and eternity ring?

The terms memoire ring, memory ring and eternity ring stand for the same piece of jewelry: a ring that is set with diamonds or brilliant-cut diamonds all around. The many diamonds along the ring have no beginning and no end for the viewer, and this is exactly where the term eternity ring comes from. It thus symbolizes eternal love.

The terms memoire ring from the French language and memory ring from the English language express something different. The idea behind it is that each stone of the ring set all around stands for a memory (French: memoire, English: memory). Usually, couples have enough positive memories to set up a ring with diamonds.

Despite the different meanings of the terms, the same type of ring is always hidden behind the expressions memoire ring, memory ring, and eternity ring. An elegant and stylish companion, on the one hand, more and more popular as a wedding ring, on the other hand, a dream gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Can a memoire ring be worn as a wedding ring?

Memoire rings are increasingly chosen by ladies as a wedding ring or wedding band. They are sufficiently simple and classic to be worn every day. At the same time, memoire rings offer that “certain something” that distinguishes them from ordinary wedding rings without diamonds.

Likewise, a memoire ring can be wonderfully combined with an engagement ring. As a so-called pre-engagement ring, the memoire ring is worn as a wedding ring together with the engagement ring on the same finger. The diamond of the engagement ring and the diamonds of the memoire ring shine together felt even stronger.

A memoire ring offers many options regarding the diamonds. It can be set with diamonds all the way around, three quarters, half, or one quarter. In each of these options, there are very beautiful models in gold and platinum.

Memoire ring: yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

As with other pieces of jewelry, the question often arises with the memoire ring: yellow gold, white gold or platinum? Or rose gold? This question depends entirely on the taste of the wearer, because qualitatively, all the precious metals mentioned are at the highest level.

If you want to give a memoire ring as a gift and can’t decide between yellow gold, white gold or platinum, we have a tip for you. Take a close look at what jewelry the lady is already wearing. That way you can deduce whether she prefers yellow gold or white gold or platinum.

However, classic and elegant memoire rings can also be wonderfully combined with other precious metals. Creoles made of yellow gold and a memoire ring made of white gold: no problem. Likewise, memoire rings can be worn wonderfully with pearl jewelry.

Have memoire rings or eternity rings custom made at Gemsperience in Regensburg, Germany.

While many specialty retailers or online stores can offer you a limited selection of Memoire rings, at Gemsperience your options are unlimited. We make Memoire rings individually and one by one according to your wishes.

We would be happy to advise you by phone or online or in our showroom in Regensburg. With us you will find exactly the what you are looking for. Let us inspire you.